#1 Fishing marker

I. Purpose

The idea is to duplicate a marker used for lake fishing and improve its usability during night. An example of such marker can be found here. These type of markers are really stable and easy to see in day light but get more complicated to spot at night. To make it visible in darkness, several solutions can be envisaged. In this particular project, the marker shall be extended with a source of light (LED) and equipped with a small RF receiver to be remotely controlled. In addition, to make the marker self-sufficient, solar pannels shall be mounted on each side. The challenges in this project are:

To duplicate the floating marker
To have a symmetrical marker to allow any position in the water
To have good RF signal reception

II. Molding

The first step is to duplicate the marker enclosure. For this trial, epoxy and carbon fiber are used. To learn more about molding, CarbonMods [12] is a good place to start. CarbonMods is a UK based company selling starting kits for molding and creating carbon fiber parts. In addition, CarbonMods provides videos describing the complete molding process. Videos are also available on Youtube.
To create the mold, the orginal plastic marker is cut in half and used as the original mask. Two duplicates are required to form the complete marker.

Molding process
The molding process in itself is relatively simple. The most crucial step is the waxing part of it. It is worse spending a few extra layer of wax and release agent to ensure easy seperation of the part from the mold once dried. 5 to 6 layers of wax is adviced. The resulting mold is showned figure 1.

II. Electronics

To be continued...

[12] CarbonMods