List of projects available from open-etech:

#1 A port to run eCos on a dual core Freescale processor ( MPC8572DS evaluation board )

#2 A port to use eCos target as a USB Mass Storage Device

#3 A port to run eCos on the LM3S811 evaluation board from Luminary Micro

#4 A General Purpose IOs (GPIO) package

#5 4 wires bipolar and unipolar step motors driver

#6 A port to run eCos on the Actel SmartFusion evaluation board

#7 Some work to run eCos on Xilinx Microblaze soft core

#8 A Network File-system package

#9 Running eCos on the MINI STM32 board

#10 Running eCos on the Emerson COMX-P4080 platform

Future Work:

#1 eCos HAL:
A port to Xilinx microblaze soft processor.

#2 eCos device drivers:
In the device driver side, the USB driver for Freescale MPC83xx, MPC85xx is of interest as well as getting up the hard disk from the Freescale MPC8572DS evaluation board.

#3 eCos IOs:
Updated Ethernet IO package to support multiple interfaces (.i.e. more than 2)

#4 eCos service:
A generic command line interface package would be useful (based on rebdoot).

Other projects around:

#1 eCos on Freescale MPC8313E. git clone git://

#2 eCos on Altera Nios II soft processor. git clone git://

#3 eCos on Xilinx hard PPC core from Mind.

#4 eCos on OLIMEX LPC22XX boards. hg clone

#5 eCos on MINI2440 platform (Samsung S3C2440 ARM9) with full QEMU support from eMBosLab

#6 eCos HAL for ARM netX device on GitHub.

#7 eCos HAL for LEON3. Repository also includes an OpenSSL and IPSEC package.

#8 eCos HAL for the phyCORE MPC8500B-tiny board. svn co

#9 Spidermonkey / SQLite etc.. for eCos @ eCos-enhancements.

#10 Updated eCos port for the OpenRISC 1000 family @

#11 Redboot for i.MX21, i.MX23, i.MX25, i.MX27, i.MX31, i.MX35, i.MX37, i.MX51, i.MX53 based board from garz-fricke.

#12 Framebuffer driver example for i.MX based board from garz-fricke.

#13 eCos on Atmel AT91SAM9263. git clone git://

#14 ZPU soft core with eCos support. git clone git://

#15 eCos for Xilinx Zinq SoC. git clone git://