#5 Step motors interface

At the present time, the documentation for the step motors interface is only available from chapter 63 of the eCos PDF documentation.

The Step Motor package relies on the IO GPIO package. To use the step motor interface:
$ ecosconfig add CYGPKG_DEVS_STEP_MOTOR

List of files changed / added (diff from ecos public repository) :

  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/ChangeLog
  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/cdl/step_motor.cdl
  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/src/step_motor.c
  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/tests/step_motor_test.c
  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/include/step_motor.h
  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/include/step_motor.inl
  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/doc/step_motor.sgml
  • /devs/motor/step_motor/current/doc/model.png