In this section is shared source code for an Open Source, Real Time Operating System called eCos [1]. eCos is widely used in embedded systems due to its optimised footprint, its real time performances and broad architecture support (ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, SPARC etc..). eCos comes along with a handful of drivers, multiple packages, TCP/IP stacks, FTP client, SNMP support etc...

Primarily targeting the resource limited architecture, eCos also turns out to be very suited for powerful processor, including mutli-core targets. eCos does not distinguish kernel and user space (no MMU support). It does not include command line shell for accessing / configuring the OS. Most kernel / package configuration is statically defined at compile time.

Highly structured, it requires a GNU toolchains for development. Cygwin is used to develop on Windows based host machine. Both JTAG debugger and ROM monitoring can be used as debug option. Some toolchains are available from [1] and [2] or here. Full HTML documentation (including installation procedure) is also available from the same source. GDB in command line or interfaced with Eclipse is used for stepping into the code. More advance debugging facilities, including kernel debugging are available in [3].

All source code already submitted to eCos community includes a reference to a patch or bugzilla ID. Source code is not distributed as patches. A link to a complete eCos tree, often synchronized with the main eCos tree is given using Mercurial DVCS

[1] eCos

[2] eCosCentric

[3] CodeConfidence