Multicore Processors

Multicore processors and challenges coming with them are fascinating. An easy introduction to Freescale [16] multicore processors can be fetched here. As a future project, open-etech plans to run eCos and Linux on a dual core processor, each of the OS using a dedicated core. If you have experience to share in this domain, do not hesitate to contact me.

Other interesting readings:
- OpenMP defined an API for multi-platform shared-memory parallel programming.
- Standard for Embedded Power Architecture Platform Requirements.
- Computer Architecture - A Quantitative Approach - 4th Edition.

Dual / Multicore platforms:
- Xilinx [15] new Zynq-7000 processor centric device (dual ARM Cortex-A9).
- Freescale QorIQ Processing Platforms based on e500 and derived core.

[15] Xilinx

[16] Freescale